a Totes compact umbrella on grass

How Does Totes Test Xtra Strong Compact Umbrellas?

Totes is a very popular brand of brollies and other accessories originating from the US. In the UK Totes provides umbrellas for shops such as Debenhams, Boots, Tesco and many more so needless to say they’re popular! At Jollybrolly we’ve focused on the Totes Xtra Strong Compact Umbrellas range as we know our customers look for something extra when it comes to their umbrellas. But what’s so special about this wind resistant range? Xtra Strong Totes compact umbrellas are ideal for extra windy, blustery days when a regular umbrella just won’t do. Tested at Eiffel Aerodynamics Laboratory using the historical Auteuil wind tunnel, designed in 1912 by Gustave Eiffel and classified as a Historic Monument. Totes compared their standard Totes compact umbrella and the Xtra Strong Totes umbrella to a non-totes umbrella. The latter blew inside out and broke at 28.24 mph. It took 41.96 mph for the standard Totes compact umbrella to blow inside out and break. The Xtra version held up until 51.21mph! Totes claims that their Xtra Strong umbrellas are one of the strongest in the world! Built with aluminium and fibreglass, these brollies have a large canopy compared to other compact umbrellas. As a bonus, the canopy is covered with a trademarked silicone water repellent. Safety Ratchet Closing System will protect your fingers from getting trapped. The xtra Strong Totes Compact Umbrellas are not only wind resistant, they also open and close with a touch of a button. What else could you need from a ladies compact umbrella? We’d like it to fit into a handbag or a pocket! These umbrellas measure 28cm when closed but you can also choose a mini version that folds to 16.5cm. The mini umbrellas are not automatic, we’re guessing to keep them mini and save the space.
Xtra Strong Sweet Stems Compact Umbrella Xtra Strong Sweet Stems Compact Umbrella at £28.00
We started with technical details because we know ladies care about more than just a pretty design but the Totes Xtra Strong Compact Umbrellas are indeed pretty! Stripes and floral print are just a few options in Totes selection but they’re the ones that caught our eyes. If you do not require your compact umbrella to be wind resistant, we do offer an adorable Supermini Cloud Dot Brolly (25cm when closed and 92cm across the canopy, manual opening) as well as a stylish Flat Floral Compact Ladies Umbrella which folds to 15cm when closed and has a canopy spread of 85cm (manual opening).
Supermini Cloud Dots Compact Umbrella Supermini Cloud Dots Compact Umbrella at £16.00
Flat Floral Compact Umbrella Flat Floral Compact Umbrella at £20.00
There’s a Totes compact umbrella for everyone! So if you’re a strong umbrella fan or just looking for a nice looking brolly, see our selection and choose your next compact umbrella. Shop Totes Compact Umbrellas here: https://www.jollybrolly.co.uk/brands/totes-umbrellas.html
Written by: Anna Wisniewska