10 Different Ways To Use Your Umbrella

Umbrellas are amazing inventions.

If you look at their iconic design, it’s a shame to keep them just for sheltering from the rain.

We’ve been coming about other uses for an umbrella, so can you add to the list?

First of all, obviously, a parasol. The easy one to start with. You can save an umbrella for a sudden downpour, but what about when the sun comes out and you need to avoid getting burned. One down, nine to go.

Second idea - a photo accessory. If you’re doing a photo shoot, or even just a few holiday snaps on the beach, an umbrella can be a colourful addition.

Number three, how about games? Here’s one for the kids. If you use some light balls - ping pong balls are ideal, or even sweets - can you use an umbrella to catch them? Place them upturned as targets in the garden and see if you can improve your throwing aim.

At a push, number four - self defence. Of course, we don’t want to advocate violence, but if you’re out walking alone on a dark night, wouldn’t you like to be carrying a sturdy umbrella, just to be on the safe side? Moving on...

Our fifth suggestion is for interior decor. Not every room needs umbrellas, but if you have a big hall with a high ceiling and you’re doing it up for an occasion, consider a sky, hung with beautiful umbrellas. Quite a statement.

In at number six, what about caring for fragile plants. If you have something growing in the garden that needs a little shelter from heavy rain, you could prop an umbrella there until the storm is past.

Our seventh umbrella idea is as a walking stick. This won’t work with a compact umbrella or one designed for your handbag, but if you have one that’s robust, you might find it comes in useful as support on a long trek.

Number eight, how about finding a friend in a crowd. If you’re at a festival, and you’re the only person with a bold and colourful umbrella, hold it aloft and you’ll be much easier to spot.

The ninth idea is for umbrellas as branded merchandise. Hardly a new idea, but it’s a great gift for clients if you can offer them a branded umbrella with your business logo on it.

And number ten - making a new friend. When the rain is pouring, offer some shelter to someone new. It could be the start of a great friendship.