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    BUY WALKING UMBRELLAS ONLINE If you need a brolly for your daily commute, why not grab yourself one of our fantastic walking umbrellas! Jolly Brolly stock a wide range of walking umbrellas that are perfect for anyone on the go. Long umbrellas are ideal for morning commutes, weekend walks and promotional giveaways for businesses. Our own range  walking umbrellas have a stylish aluminium shaft and handle making them sturdy and strong in all weather conditions. We also stock a stunning range of wood stick long umbrellas that come complete with wooden handles for a more luxurious feel. Choose from bold colours, stylish patterns or a clear canopy in this range - all of them will keep you dry no matter what! Walking umbrellas add a stylish touch to any outfit and are a favourite with traditional customer base who just love a regular, good quality umbrella. Fuss free! Our best selling long umbrellas from Falcone/ Impliva are the people choice winners: great colour range and classic wooden pole and handle. If you're looing for a more industrial look ( for a gallery, an instalation, corporate use) the Aluminium Walking Umbrellas are for you - sleek, durable walking umbrellas with an alumnium handle and pole. ORDER A LONG UMBRELLA TODAY Walking umbrellas typically concist of a curved handle and pointy tip. The canopy usually measures from 90 to 110cm. Long umbrellas are often used as decorations since you can use the hook handle to hang them from variety of constructions. Our selection of walking umbrellas consists brands such as Falcone, Susino, Soake and of course our own brand Jollybrolly. Choose your favourite today and order with 2 working day delivery at only £6.95! Need a bigger umbrella? Check out our golf umbrella range - these are also available in the full range of colours and start at just £8.00 each!   

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