Golfing umbrellas

Windproof Golf Umbrella Shopping Tips

If you love playing golf more than anything, don't ever let a bad weather stop you! Be prepared and always have a windproof golf umbrella handy. Golf umbrellas are different from your everyday umbrella, they’re bigger and designed with golfing in mind. A good golf umbrella should be large enough to cover you and your equipment and strong enough to not fly away in a gust of wind. Here’s few things to keep in mind when shopping for a windproof golf umbrella: Wind Resistance You don't often think about wind when buying a cheap umbrella- but on a golf course, a stretch of uninterrupted land, the wind can hit you hard. Most golf umbrellas have a wind resistant feature- either a mechanism that stops it from inverting or a vented canopy that lets the air pass through and stops the brolly flying out of your hands. Some golf umbrellas are designed to simply turn inside out to prevent breakage because- let’s just point out: no umbrella can actually resist wind 100% of the time but the additional features certainly help a lot! Size Windproof Golf Umbrellas measure approx 120-130cm across the canopy- you need this kind of size to protect yourself, your companion and your equipment. Canopies come in different designs but maximum size should be the one criteria that a windproof golf umbrella always meets. Materials You want your windproof golf umbrella to be light for convenience but also strong to last a long time. Fibreglass is your best bet - its light but strong and does not attract lightning like metal frame would. Handle The last thing you want is an umbrella that’s uncomfortable to hold, so we can’t stress enough the importance of picking an umbrella with a handle that’s comfortable and easy to hold. This largely comes down to preference, and factors such as the size of your hands. It's often really a case of trying out different ones to see what feels comfortable—and bear in mind that you might need to be able to hold it in either hand. Now that you know how to choose the best windproof umbrella see what Jollybrolly has to offer: Plain Golf Umbrellas - fibreglass storm proof frame, 120cm canopy, weight 390g Stormshield umbrellas - fibreglass frame, 130cm vented canopy for additional wind resistance, weight 720g Branded Golf Umbrellas - fibreglass or steel frame available, 130cm canopy, selection of handles available, any colour canopy you wish, weight 578/620g