Why Girls Don't Play Golf?

When was the last time you heard a girl mentioning her interest in golf? Long time ago or maybe never? Golf is usually portrayed in media as a man’s sport especially upper class older businessmen. For years the sport has struggled to attract young men and women with girls especially struggling to find their place at a golf club. We imagine it is intimidating to join the game with the stereotypical golfers as more than half of them are 50 years old and over. A young woman might feel not taken seriously or simply out of place and unable to join in on the older men conversation because what do we really know about cigars and pension? To ignite the love of golf in young people, support of more experienced player would be ideal and you should consider yourself lucky if you have a father or grandfather to introduce you to the sport and make it fun. Another obstacle for young women is clothes options. We all know golfers are expected to dress in certain way but one look at ladies golf outfit shopping leaves us disheartened. Of course Michelle Wie can pull off a lot of great looks but for everyday girl it may not be so easy. Our advice is to keep it simple and not get seduced by all the colourful pattern polo shirts and short skorts. If you’re looking for accessories, a ladies golf umbrella in a bright colour is a winner in our eyes. Golf is a great sport and we’d love to see more young people especially girls to join in on the fun. Obviously our obstacles in playing golf sound trivial and we believe women can play whatever sport they choose, we know not all girls care about clothes and can carry a black ladies golf umbrella if they wish. There’s plenty of examples of accomplished female golf players we just wish to see more ladies golf players in real life. Just imagine little groups of female managers playing golf.... With the times changing, let's encourage women to visit beautiful golf courses all around the world, pick up ladies golf umbrellas, clubs and start winning! Here are our most fun options for ladies golf umbrellas: Jollybrolly Golf Umbrella at £13.00 Black and White Vented Stormshield Golf Umbrella at £24.99 Colour Club Golf Umbrella at £19.00