white wedding umbrella

Why white is the colour of weddings

White is the most popular colour theme for modern weddings and white wedding umbrellas are our most often placed order around this time of the year- wedding season. It hard to believe that white has not always been the colour of weddings. The tradition of a white wedding dress has only been started by Queen Victoria in 1840. Before that women usually wore a best dress they own to their wedding and then keep wearing it for special occasions. The colour of wedding dress did not matter as long as it was a formal outfit. Sounds reasonable and practical, doesn’t it? Queen Victoria's wedding to Prince Albert was the most awaited event in 19th century Britain and it did not disappoint with the young queen wearing a white satin and lace gown. It had a white silk bodice with a floral design, a flounce overlay of lace, elaborate lace sleeves, orange blossom detailing, and a huge train. The design of the gown was so elaborate and highly coveted that the designer tore up the drawings once the dress was completed so it could never be replicated. Queen Victoria's bridal party wore white dresses as well and matching jewellery, a tradition she started and remains alive today. What made the white colour extra special at Victoria’s wedding is that she forbid anyone else, apart of her bridal party, from wearing the colour. Flowers played a big role in Victoria's wedding, she wore a wreath of fresh white orange blossom flowers on top of her hair while her 12 bridesmaids wore crowns of white roses in their hair. It makes us wonder if they had any special white wedding umbrellas on stand in case of rain? The Queens wedding started a lot of trends that continue till this day, including a tiered fruit cake covered with “Royal” icing which remains a traditional wedding cake. It took less than a decade for white to catch on as the most fitting color for wedding celebrations and that hasn't changed since. Though many brides now opt to wear colourful dresses, white is still the most common wedding color and white wedding umbrellas are our most popular rain cover on the big day.