What Colour Should You Choose For Your Wedding?

Yay- you’re getting married! After you’ve got over the initial high of being newly engaged it’s down to the nitty gritty of planning absolutely every tiny detail of your big day. What style dress will you have? Will you serve food? Will you serve cake? Will you provide wedding umbrellas? Will you create a seating plan? The list goes on…

One thing that might help you start organising your thoughts is choosing a colour scheme for proceedings. This will be consistent through all the dresses, decorations cake and more so is a great place to start. Here’s a breakdown of some of the most popular wedding colours and what they mean: White What it Means: Purity, Innocence, Cleanliness, Simplicity How to Use it: As traditional as white is it can also be used to give off an extremely contemporary feel. Use as your main canvas and accent with pops of colour if you wish. Gold What it Means: Wealth Elegance Luxury, Warmth How to Use it: If you are choosing gold jewellery for your big day, why not also use the colour for other metallic highlights- cutlery, fixtures, etc. It’s also a great text colour for invitations and place settings. Red What it Means: Love, Passion Strength, Bravery How to Use it: A wonderfully warm colour for winter weddings, use red in your flowers and hair accessories as a great contrast to white. It doesn’t have to be just roses, berries and apples make a great addition to your bouquets as well! Yellow What it Means: Humour, Adventure, Optimism, Energy How to Use it: Fantastic for spring and summer weddings yellow is a great colour for the bridesmaids dresses, and grooms tux accents. You can further string it through your festivities with yellow flowers and yellow wedding umbrellas for your guests in case of rain! Green What it Means: Growth, Fertility, Positivity, Balance How to Use it: Ideal year-round, green hints at compassion and creates a down to earth and rustic feel for your wedding. Great across tablescapes in warm jewel tones and pastels alike! Blue What it Means: Calm, Peace, Tranquility How to Use it: Depending on the shade you go for you can create a regal, serious feel to the day (using deep blues on your table, cake and suits) or a whimsical light hearted atmosphere (with light and pastel blues for dresses, flowers and seating plans). Pink What it Means: Feminine, Bold, Modern, Daring How to Use it: Pink is great as a contrast colour or as the centrepiece. It’s great to use as a fabric for bridesmaids dresses or for something a bit different consider pink uplights for your venue decor.