Your wedding weather tracking

As your big day is getting closer there seems to be this one worry that you absolutely can’t do anything about: weather. Even if your wedding is not an outdoor one, you will still want a nice sunshine for photos and overall atmosphere. But there are few things you can do to keep your weather anxiety at bay and we don’t mean meditation! Be prepared - as part of your wedding planning, find a UK wedding umbrella store and choose umbrellas that suit your wedding theme. Even better idea is to enquire with the umbrella store customer service team about their stock to make sure your chosen brollies won't sell out. You should also check their delivery options - Jollybrolly offers next day delivery within UK so you can still order your wedding umbrellas even if the weather surprises you. Most importantly keep checking the weather! Obviously you will not get an accurate result a month before your wedding date but the closer you get the more reliable the results will be. Make sure you allow few days for delivery when you place your umbrella order as you do not want replace your weather anxiety with “ will my umbrellas arrive on time?!” one. To help you out we found few weather sites that you can keep checking and be updated at all time: Met office Official government weather forecast must be accurate, right? You can look up 7 days in advance. Must admit - it is a little bit complicated for a wedding forecast but they’re amazing on Twitter so just give them a follow for constant updates. Accuweather This website offers radar view, months in advance forecast as well as Minute Cast- minute by minute update on rain - all in easy to follow view. Also pretty good accuracy. What more can you want? Yahoo Weather The easiest to operate and the sleekest view. Shows 10 days forecast. It’s good enough if you’re not that weather dependant but gives you plenty of time to order your umbrellas online. Weather Planner The simplest of sites, gives you 3 weeks forecast. Best if you’re not that bothered about the weather and organised enough to return your wedding umbrellas if the site proves inaccurate. Monsoon Monsoon has got your back when it comes to weddings. Their site advises you on the best day/ month for your wedding and it has wedding weather calculator that tells you chances of rain on your big day (you can also share the results on Twitter)