a bride and groom in the snow

Wedding Umbrellas in Winter

People are often surprised when they hear that our primary customers are wedding organisers. They hear umbrella shop and think that we’re the busiest in Autumn and Winter when it constantly rains outside. In fact, Spring and Summer are our busiest periods. Its when people choose to get married hoping for the best weather. UK is tricky for weather no matter what season but you’d hope you will have more luck in Summer. If you’re not lucky - you order wedding umbrellas. This means that if you decide to get married in Autumn/ Winter there's a 90% chance that it will rain on your wedding day and you most definitely going to need wedding umbrellas. One look on Pinterest and you will realise it's not such a bad thing. Site is full of beautiful wedding umbrella photos including ones in winter and snow - see here. Seeing all these beautiful photos inspires us everyday so we decided to point you in the right direction of the Pinterest inspired brollies you can find in our store: Our Pick: Special White Wedding Golf Umbrella at £18.00 Our Pick: Storm King Vented Umbrella at £23.95 Our Pick: Black Boutique Pagoda Umbrella at £21.99 Our Pick: White Clear Dome Umbrella at £8.99 (all Clear umbrella in stock soon) I bet you feel better about having a rainy or snowy wedding! Personally we think snowy weddings are magical. Even though some people do not agree with using an umbrella in snow, one look at our Pinterest board and you’ll be wishing for a super white wedding. As always please tag us in your wedding umbrella photos. We absolutely love them!