Wedding Umbrella Photo Ideas

I know no one wants to hear it but they DO SAY that rain on your wedding day is a good sign. So if you and your spouse to be are one of these lucky couples, instead of letting the rain ruin your big day why not think about investing in some umbrellas for your wedding turning the opportunity into a seriously stunning photo shoot.

Clear Umbrellas for the Bridal Party The best way to use umbrellas on a rainy day is as props for photos. Choose a collection of simple or clear umbrellas so that they don’t detract from all the gorgeous outfits and hand them out to your bridal party for some wonderfully whimsical wedding day photos. The fun doesn’t have to stop there- check out below for some other ways you can re-use your wet weather investment. Create a Windowpane Effect Once you’ve got some fantastic bridal party shots, reuse your clear umbrellas for some romantic window-like shots. Get the photographer to focus on the water drops on the canopy of the umbrella so that you and your new spouse are soft and out of focus in the background. Give the Best Man a Job Outdoor ceremony? Unexpected drizzle? Get your best man to hold a big two person umbrella up above you and your other half as you say your vows. It will give your best man something else to think about other than how he’s going to embarrass you in his speech and it makes for great photos! Add Some Wellies If you really want to embrace the rainy day vibes why not pair your wedding umbrellas with some ‘wedding wellies’ and reproduce a super cosy rustic vibe. There is something surprisingly chic about a wedding dress and wellies! Give the Kids Umbrellas We can guarantee there is nothing cuter than the little ones in your family making their way down the aisle (very seriously) with an umbrella in tow. This is another great way to make use of the clear umbrellas you bought for your wedding and means they will be able to see where they are going to!