Wedding Superstition

Wedding Superstition: Rainy Days

Rain on a wedding day is hardly a part of most brides fantasy. When they’re ready to walk down the aisle, one of the the last things they want to feel is rain over their head. Even though there are plenty of wonderful bridal umbrellas available in the UK, rain on your most special day makes you wonder - is it for good or bad luck?

The answer changes according to different cultures and approaches but we’ll try to find an origin behind each side of the superstition before deciding which to believe and which not. It is good luck if it rains on your wedding day because it means… You will have lots of kids. Water and rain represents fertility in some cultures, mostly those focused on agriculture. Rain waters the ground and that allows the plants to grow and bloom. So if it rains on your wedding day and you and your new husband want to have kids, you’re in luck! You will be cleansed of bad times Rain on your wedding day will cleanse you of all the worries and faults of your past. Just like when water washes away dirt and pollution it will wash your problems away and you can start your married life fresh. You will have stronger bond with your husband. Everyone knows that a wet knot holds tighter than a dry one and that’s what rain will do to your relationship. A lot of cultures tie the knot at the altar so that’s how this superstition came about. You will cry a lot in your marriage (or not at all) Most commonly rain on your wedding day represents tears and it can mean good or bad luck. Many believe it’s the last tears the bride will cry for the rest of her life - wouldn't that be great? Others believe that the amount of rain shows how many tears the bride will cry in her married life. As you can see rain can mean a lot of things but mostly good luck. If you are prepared with a good bridal umbrella on hand and lots of positive attitude, little rain will not put a damp on your special day!