a man and child walking in nature

Walking Umbrella for Rainy Autumn Walks

Walking in the rain can be a lot of fun with the right outfit and accessories. In the UK rain is always around the corner and often followed by sunshine so there’s no point of changing your plans when caught in the rain. When planning a weekend away make sure you pack accordingly and off you go! Our list of walking in the rain essentials includes: A raincoat - not so common to own one but I promise, its worth investing in! When buying, check if it's actually rainproof/ waterproof. No one like wet leaks under your jacket! From classic yellow to leopard print, there’s a design for everyone. Wellies - not only for the festival season. Choose ones that you’d be comfortable using everyday not just on rainy park walks. If you dont like the idea of wellies, when buying your autumn/winter shoes, choose ones that you like but also will protect you (to a degree) from rain on the way to and from work. Trainers are in style these days but are the worst in the rain! Leather and patent leather (fake to protect the animals of course!) seem like the best option. A walking umbrella - there’s so many beautiful ones to choose from! It's the No 1 thing that will keep you from feeling miserable when walking in the rain. Choose windproof if you’re serious about rainy walks even in most extreme weather. We recommend our walking umbrella selection here: https://www.jollybrolly.co.uk/walking-umbrellas.html Waterproof pants - you can find professional ones at outdoor retailers but we think fitness wear works well enough for a casual walker. It will get soaked in heavy rain but usually dries in minutes. Walking in the rain can be beneficial to your health - as long as you don't overdo it. In a country when most days have a rainy spell, we would not leave the house if we didnt love walking in the rain so stay protected and enjoy the great British weather!
Written by: Anna Wisniewska