Walking to work essentials

Walking to work is one of the easiest ways you can be active and stay healthy. It costs nothing and gives you alone time to de-stress, think or listen to a favourite podcast or music. If you live far away from work, just doing 10k steps will keep you trim and at healthy weight. Here’s few steps you should take to ensure your walk is safe and comfortable.

First of all, you need good shoes. Trainers are best but you may want to look smart on some days. If your work (or outfit) requires smarter footwear, carry it in a bag or leave a pair at work so that you can put them on when you arrive. Of course some days it may not be possible to walk to work but if you enjoy it you’ll find a way to fit some walking into your day. Another thing to keep in mind is your route. You want it to be quick (if you live far) and pleasant. Having an alternative route is a good idea as it’s nice to switch things up when you get bored. Try to avoid shopping areas unless you want to be tempted by sales and window displays. Parks and green side streets are ideal. It goes without saying that you should avoid risky neighbourhood areas especially in winter when it gets dark earlier. Be aware of trying new routes on the way to work as it may result in you getting lost and getting to work late. This leads us to the next point - predict your walking time. Take more time walking to work first couple of times to know how long it takes you. This means you may end up arriving to work early at first but you’ll get a hang of it in no time. Remember to include crossings with walking lights and any traffic that may slow you down. Right clothes and protection. Make sure you’re wearing comfortable clothing and if needed wear proper sports wear and change at work. If it’s hot - wear a hat and sunglasses. If you work up a sweat, give yourself few minutes before starting work to cool off, freshen up and change if needed. It’s also worth thinking about the way you carry your belongings. Shoulder bag or briefcase get uncomfortable to carry after 10 minutes so a backpack might be a better idea. On days when you have a heavy bag to carry it is better to take a bus or drive. Be ready for bad weather. Always have an automatic umbrella on hand, it’s easy to open when rain surprises you. A folding umbrella is essential in wet climates such as UK and fits nicely into a backpack. If you end up walking to work often it would be a good idea to buy a performance folding umbrella such as Blunt XS Metro. It’s sleek, modern and will protect you from the stormiest weather. Walking to work is such an easy way to stay active, save money and reduce stress - what more can you ask for! That being said make sure you’re prepared, hydrated and have a folding umbrella on hand in case of rain.