Everybody loves a red heart umbrella!

Last weeks Tuesday started as any other Tuesday working on a retail website. We answered customers emails, sent new orders for shipment and started thinking of other tasks to complete for the day. At approx 12:30 we’ve received the first call regarding our heart umbrellas. The lady on the phone said we were just featured on ITV’s This Morning and we had no time to even get excited about it because first orders started flowing in. One after another and all ordering the red heart umbrella! We quickly realised that we didn't have enough red heart umbrellas in stock to send it to all the customers in time for Valentines Day. We had only 50 and already there were more orders than that! After a quick message to our supplier Soake, we agreed that they will be able to help us by directly shipping from their warehouse. The orders did not slow down until late afternoon and even then we were still receiving new orders and calls until late Friday. We were so busy, we were not even able to watch the This Morning feature until the end of day Tuesday. The presenter did a great job by leaving the red heart umbrella until the end of her “The Perfect Valentine's Day Gifts for 2021” segment. The umbrella looked beautiful and the way the presenter advertised it sounded really good. No wonder so many people placed the order! See the video here. Official This morning footage + links here. Our red heart umbrella orders were sent on time and delivered before Valentine's Day. No major issues noted, only good reviews from our happy customers. We were so happy that our name and umbrella were mentioned on the most popular morning show in the UK. We are also happy that the feature helped not only us but other UK based small umbrella selling companies. This is so important when we’re all struggling in pandemic. Overall our supplier sold 600 of the heart umbrellas in just a week for Valentines Day this year! Drop us a photo with your Valentine and red heart umbrella if you were one of the lovely customers who bought the umbrella this year. Thank you so much! Some of our other umbrella-related articles: How to Propose with Umbrellas? How to plan a post lockdown wedding ?
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