How to plan for a rainy wedding?

Every bride has a beautiful sunny day in mind when they visualise their wedding day. Flowers, warm temperature, time outdoors but we do live in the UK and the weather here is more often grey that sunny. You are very lucky to have a sunny day wedding! But rainy day is not always bad. It's not bad at all if you plan for it! Start with visualising a rainy wedding day, guests holding matching wedding umbrellas and you and the groom laughing. It’s very easy to find rainy wedding day photos on social media. We have a whole section on our site for inspiration: Wedding Wall Research wedding umbrellas. Take some time to think what kind of umbrellas you’d like for your wedding - clear, frilled, large golf? Do you like matching wedding umbrella packs for all your guests or do you not mind everyone using their own brollies? It's a good idea to provide a bulk of wedding umbrellas for your wedding party since those people are more invested in the wedding than your friends/ guests. Also matching bridesmaids umbrellas look great in group photos! See our selection here. Communicate with the venue. Some wedding venues have umbrellas ready in case of rain as well as gazebos and tents. If you plan to spend a big chunk of your wedding outside, it's good to find out what your venue's rainy day plan is. Keep track of the weather and inform your guests. You can set up a newsletter for your guests and communicate with everyone at once. Mailchimp has a free plan for up to 2000 contacts and is very easy to use for a basic email. You can notify your guests to bring their brollies or don't if you are providing bulk wedding umbrellas. Allow time for delivery. If you’ve found wedding brollies that you like, check the retailers returns and delivery policy. It's safer to place an order a few days before in case there’s any problem with delivery or product. We do offer next day shipping but we all know that couriers are not always reliable. Better be safe than sorry! Even if you do not get your umbrellas in time or forget to order them at all, rainy day is beautiful. You will be so happy to be getting married, we promise you, the rain won't destroy your happiness. Just laugh and pose for beautiful rainy day photos! Some of our other umbrella-related articles: When Will the Wedding Season Start in 2021? Best Affordable Umbrellas for an Autumn Wedding
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