woman under a black and orange automatic umbrella

All the Umbrella Types Perfect for Autumn

Autumn is usually the time we start thinking about buying a new umbrella. The weather turns grey, rainy and you get fed up with getting rained on. Or maybe your current umbrella got old and boring and you’re looking to choose a new one? Most of us have a favourite type of a brolly they like to use. For me its a small designer folding umbrella, its a good option if like me, you tend to lose umbrellas. A pricier option will make you think twice before you leave it behind in a taxi. Some people like a large golf umbrella or even a vented one. What you should think about is what are your expectations for the brolly and what situations you will use it most. Whatever you need here are few umbrella types that you get to choose from:

Classic umbrella

Straight umbrella usually features a crooked handle. Also know as walking or city umbrella. It comes it plenty of lovely designs. Its a bit hard to carry since you cant put it into a handbag and you have to remember to grab it when you leave home.

Compact umbrella

Usually small brolly that can be carried at all times in your brief case or back pack. Its not as large or sturdy as straight or golf umbrellas but it wins with its practicality.

Dome umbrella

Most trendy out of all brollies. Also known as clear or bubble umbrella has been featured at fashion shows and since its see through, it matches any outfit and situation.

Storm umbrella

Most tech-y out of all the umbrellas, features new technologies and can withstand strong winds. Large often vented canopy is its secret. These sturdy umbrellas can usually fit 2-3 people underneath.

Automatic umbrella

Opens and closes with a touch of a button. Handy when you’re in a rush and have only one hand free to hold your brolly.

Golf umbrella

Love them or hate them but golf umbrellas are becoming more and more popular. Big city people hate them because they take a lot of space on the pavement and not everyone has the etiquette skills to use them. They’re great, large and you will definitely not get wet under one. Shopping for a new umbrella can be so fun! You wouldn’t believe how many awesome designs we see on our suppliers sites and we always choose the best ones to sell on our very own website. Hope this article was helpful and hope you’ll enjoy your new brolly!