7 Umbrella Costumes for a Rainy Halloween

Halloween is upon us! Some people don’t believe in it here in the UK but we all know it’s a fun holiday to celebrate. If you or your kids love to dress up for Halloween, we have a few ideas for you that make use of a cheap umbrella you have stuck at the back of your wardrobe. You can also buy a new umbrella especially for the occasion, see our selection of cheap umbrellas here: Raining Cats and Dogs - attach stuffed toy cats and dogs to your brolly. Easy one! Raining Men - attach printed photos of men to your brolly - fun flirty idea. Men can be celebrities or men you actually know for an added twist! A Spider - best on a black umbrella. Attach legs (stuffed black tights will be perfect), eyes and jaw. A Bat - open an old black umbrella and cut out a triangle from bottom and top panel. Next with tools cut the pole off and make sure all sharp edges are removed. Add strings to attach the construction to the arms and hands. Secure the bat wings to your back and add ears and bat nose. Mary Poppins - all you need in a black coat, long skirt, scarf a top hat ,a black umbrella and a bit of cheerful attitude! Jelly Fish - requires an umbrella (clear dome one), wired gift wrapping ribbon, some portable fairy lights and glue gun.
umbrella-halloween-costumes Jelly Fish Halloween Costume
Pac-Man Ghost - easy costume for shy people! You need an umbrella, a solid coloured piece of fabric and some pixel looking stuck on eyes. Looks best in a group. For detailed instructions and more content, visit our Pinterest Halloween umbrellas board and send us photos of your costumes (or tag us on Instagram)!