a bride nad groom under a clear wedding umbrella

Ultimate Guide to Wedding Umbrellas

Since the moment you get engaged or maybe even long before, you dream about your wedding day. Imagining the wedding dress, the decorations and the walk down the aisle... Not often do we imagine bad weather but living in the UK that is often the case. Still believe it or not rain happens and people just deal with it. Wedding still goes on and everyone is still happy because its a happy occasion and no rainfall can change it! The only difference that can make things bit more tricky is when you fail to take rain into consideration and don’t organise wedding umbrellas for your big day. Borrow them or buy but make sure you do have at least few to shield the bride and groom. If you’re only going to have few - make them golf umbrellas - they’re large and can fit up to 3 people under. It may seem surprising to put so much emphasis on wedding umbrellas but out of 3 summer weddings in Britain I have attended 2 were rainy and one was very windy so you do the math! Pinterest is full of lovely beach weddings in Florida but reality is many weddings are rainy - just type rainy wedding umbrellas or wedding umbrella photos and you’ll be flooded with images of happy couples sharing a wedding umbrella. Most importantly the photos are beautiful! It almost makes you wish for rain on you wedding day! See our favourite images on our wedding wall. Now when it comes to choosing the right umbrellas, people are often hesitant and usually in a rush. Can’t tell you how many “ I just checked and it’s going to rain this weekend on my wedding day!! ” phone calls we get usually last minute on Thursday. Don’t let this be you! Even though we do offer next day, Saturday and Sunday delivery, you don't want to stress over delivery or courier issues right before your big day. Allow yourself at least a week to get the wedding umbrellas delivered. This gives you a chance to see them before and make sure you’re happy with the design, colour and quantity. Regarding the choices you have here’s our ultimate guide to wedding umbrellas:

Low cost straight wedding umbrellas

The most basic option are classic straight umbrellas usually in white or ivory but of course you can match them to your colour theme. See our yellow brollies in the photo below, looking stunning! These basic wedding umbrellas are usually affordable and come in packs or bulk - an easy way to have your wedding rain ready! They’re on a smaller side so you may need quite a few.
a wedding photo with group of people holding yellow umbrellas Yellow Jollybrolly Umbrellas at £4.99 each

Trendy clear wedding umbrellas

If you’re looking for a trendy option, Pinterest is full of clear dome wedding umbrellas inspirations. Fun and see through, they complement a modern and casual wedding theme. They’re also on a smaller side so make sure you have plenty.
Clear Dome Umbrella with White Stripe Clear Dome Umbrella with White Stripe at £8.99

Big golf size wedding umbrellas

Golf umbrellas are a great option for the bride and groom. Large at 120cm across the canopy and look beautiful in photos! See the photo below by our friendly photographer Nick Rutter featuring our Plain White Golf Umbrella.
a wedding photo bride groom holding golf umbrellas White Golf Umbrellas at £13.00 each Photo Credit: Nick Rutter Photography

Personalised wedding umbrellas

If you have a lot of time, you can place an order for personalised wedding umbrellas. They will serve as a lovely wedding favour! Have fun designing your print: your initials, a quote or date of the wedding - possibilities are endless! The prices start at £10.00 per brolly or even cheaper if you buy more than 25.
Branded Wedding Umbrellas Branded Wedding Umbrellas at £290.00
There are obviously all kinds of wedding umbrellas available: lace ones (usually not waterproof), retro looking parasols or girly frilled brollies - perfect for bridesmaids but above are the wedding umbrellas that seem to be most popular at our online store. We encourage you to take a little time in your wedding planning schedule and choose your favourite wedding brollies, find a store that sells them and be ready to order them if the famous British weather turns rainy. Remember to stay positive and think of all those lovely rainy wedding photos!