What to Look for When Choosing a Travel Umbrella

Imagine you’ve just headed out on your long weekend of exploring Paris or stepped out to do the iconic walk across Brooklyn bridge when suddenly the sky greys over and the heavens open. If you’re not careful you could be soaked through to the bone in under a minute and that’s no way to start what’s meant to be an exciting travel day! We reckon it’s worth investing in a good quality travel umbrella to help you stay dry on all of your adventures- but what should you be looking for? The best travel umbrellas are durable, lightweight and compact. They can fit anywhere from your backpack to your handbag. You shouldn’t even know they’re there... until you desperately need them of course! Here’s what to keep an eye out for when you’re on the hunt for a small travel umbrella: Protection Any average umbrella can protect you from a drizzle but only a high quality travel umbrella will be enough to protect you from heavy rain and winds. You will find that most umbrellas with optimal protection have a canopy of at least 100cm, and have been wind tunnel tested to some degree. Another thing to look out for (if you’re happy to spend a bit more) is automatic opening and closing feature. This allows you to pop open your brolly with one hand at a moments notice and is super convenient. On the best umbrellas this feature works in reverse and you can also pop your canopy back down at just the press of a button. Portability You’ve got enough things to take with you on your adventures. You don’t need your travel umbrella to be weighing you down so an umbrella that is lightweight is essential. Many travel umbrellas weigh around half a pound and close down to less than 12 inches in length so are the perfect size for your rucksack or carry-on. Durability Of course, you are investing in a travel umbrella, so you need your purchase to be strong enough to last through all your adventures around the globe. The best travel umbrellas will be made with quality materials like fibreglass, aluminium and steel and will sport a premium quality canopy. The best of the best will even offer a warranty so your product is backed for years of exploring! Our Top Picks: Blunt XS Metro Umbrella at £55.00, Fulton Windbreaker Umbrella at £22.00, Open & Close Jumbo Folding Umbrella at £24.99