Top 3 Promotional Umbrella Design Tips

Promotional umbrellas are one of the best ways to promote your company. A branded umbrella is an accessory that won’t go to waste. They are useful in the sun, rain and even at sporting events. Having your logo on a brolly can reach very far and a well designed umbrella will catch people’s eyes and promote your business. But its not only about having the right logo, choosing the right umbrella plays a massive role in longevity of your marketing campaign. Here's a few things you should keep in mind when designing your promotional umbrella. Budget The more detail in your design the more you should expect to be charged for the promotional umbrella. Every panel and colour in your logo will be priced separately than added for the final quote. Keep in mind that the cheapest printing method is screen print which only allows for simple design and colouring. Digital or UV print looks great - allows for more detail and shading but comes at a price. If you do decide for a complicated design keep in mind that this will require a good quality umbrella because a great print will not do much if the brolly is flimsy and doesn’t last long. Visual appeal Your promotional umbrella must catch people’s eyes. The brighter the better and a mix of canopy colours looks the best. Keep the colouring on brand and make sure your logo stands out from the background as much as possible. Remember the promotional umbrella is your marketing tool and deserves your full attention to detail. Think carefully about what information you want to print and size of the font. Many passers by will only catch a glance of your branded umbrella, it’s important that they instantly notice the logo and name of your business. Usability factor You want to make sure that the recipients pick your promotional umbrella over the ones they already have. Choose a stronger golf size umbrella with a vented canopy for maximum coverage and a windproof factor. An automatic opening and ergonomic handle are a thoughtful addition. Everything that will make your promotional umbrella people’s go to as soon as they see rain outside their window. Lastly, make sure you request a visual of the umbrella before signing off on printing. Carefully inspect it and don’t be afraid to ask for adjustments. Now that you know what your promotional umbrella should look like, visit our branded umbrellas category - chose your favourite and ask for a quote!