Top 10: Best Umbrella at Jollybrolly Store

After running our online umbrella store for the last 10 years, we can with confidence say that we are umbrella experts. Everyday we hear people’s feedback and we see which brollies sell over and over again. Usually we’re not surprised when customers call to re-order a brolly because they lost it and now can’t live without it! We don’t mean to brag but our umbrellas are good and popular. See below our best umbrella list and find one that fits your needs perfectly! Best umbrella for busy life Blunt umbrellas - these brollies are the most advanced without looking too out there. Worth the price and they actually do what they claim to do: storm proof, blunt edges and sleek canopy. Unisex design suits men and women. Look them up to see great collaborations they create with artists all over the world. Best umbrella for weddings Plain Jollybrolly umbrellas in white and cream if you need wedding brollies quick and cheap. Budget Wedding Umbrellas with Frill - a step up from Jollybrollies - perfect for a bridal party. Special Wedding Golf Umbrella - really sturdy and really white. Looks great in photography and is large enough to make sure the bride and groom don’t get rained on. Best umbrella for events Jollybrolly packs - these smaller, budget brollies available in 16 colours work hard to be our bestsellers ! Order them even last minute and your event will be saved from a rain disaster. Best umbrella for kids Bugzz - they sell out super fast and are totally adorable. Cute designs and see through canopy allows children to see where they’re going. Best umbrella for schools Jollybrolly packs - again, our budget brolly wins this category. Great for art performances and projects. Best umbrella for branding Bedford Umbrella - most versatile with it’s 30 canopy colours and Pantone match option. You can customise its handle and pole for an “on brand” look. Strong and sturdy, will last you a lifetime! Best umbrella for a gift Molly Morais or Blunt - have you seen the Molly Marais umbrellas? They’re beautiful and totally unique. That’s exactly what you want to gift a special person in your life. Side note: the Molly Marais umbrellas are no longer produced so the ones on our site are end of the line and totally unique. Buy them quick before they sell out! Best umbrella for a business Plain Golf Umbrella - we use this style in our office and they’re a pleasure to use when the weather is bad (which is quite often). Very large canopy and 16 bright colours make every rainy day a little bit more fun! They’re also quite sturdy so you feel secure walking even if it’s windy. Now that we spilled all our secrets, go ahead and place your order - you will not be disappointed!