Things You Forget When Planning a Wedding

Planning a wedding is overwhelming. In fact it’s one of the most stressful things you will go through in your life right after a death of a loved one and divorce. Whoa, right? This means you're forgiven to miss out on few minor aspects of planning your big day. It’s not a big deal to skip few of these bits but remembering them makes a big difference in the overall feeling of the day. That’s where we step in! See a checklist of practical things you should remember about: Right undergarments You have your dress chosen but have you thought about what you’ll wear underneath? You don't want to be running around searching for a right bra to go with your sweetheart neckline a week before the wedding date! Make sure you choose the most comfortable and flattering option and then bring it to your last dress fitting to confirm that all fits well. Check the weather Especially if your wedding is outdoors but also if you’re only going from one building to another - you need a wedding umbrella or a set of them (for the guests) No need to dwell too much on the rainy weather if you’re prepared - wedding umbrella photos are beautiful! Make sure you order wedding umbrellas in advance to avoid stressing over it last minute. Getting ready outfits for your bridal party Getting ready with your closest friends is a big part of the day. You don't want to mess up the hard work of makeup and hair person while changing into your gowns. Make sure you get an easy to change and flattering (for photographs) outfits such as robes or button down shirts. Additional thing to do would be to choose a getting ready playlist with your favourite tunes to set you up and your bridal party for the day. An Emergency Kit Having mints, bobby pins, stain remover , headache tablets and bug spray (if its an outdoor wedding) is a nice gesture for you and your guests. Everyone will thank you for this and you will feel good knowing that your guests are having all the fun. Eat and drink water This is the most common thing couples forget during their wedding day. They’re so busy mingling they forget to enjoy all the tasty food they chose for the day. Drinking water will also stop you from getting tipsy. You need all the energy and clear mind to last until the end of the day.