Why teaching kids golf is the best idea

Getting your kids to play golf is truly the best idea, like any other sport, it comes with variety of benefits that will be useful to them in present and future life. These days kids favourite way to spend their free time is on their phones and iPads. Parents proudly show off their offsprings skills on tech devices and sure - it will be useful in the future but it’s almost a given these day, everyone under age 25 knows how to use computer. What seems to be more rare these days are social skills and active lifestyle. Golf is one of sports that’s niche and maybe more interesting than football but still teaches your kids values important for their future life. Is inclusive Your child doesn’t have to be super fit to start playing golf. There’s no teams and you can never be too young or too old to play golf. There’s also low chance of your child being bullied by team members or feeling that they’re failing if they’re not successful. Golf is about steady progress not instant win. There’s small risk of injury Unlike other sports, playing golf features low risk of injury as its a non-contact sport. This is helpful if your child catches the sport spirit bug and want to progress into other more competitive sports. It’s social Because playing golf is available to people of all ages, your child can easily make same age friends but also learn from older people about business and other life lessons. Being around people in person ( unlike on line) teaches them valuable social skills and allows them to be at ease with variety of people. Its outdoor Golf is a sport after all and it will keep your child active and out on fresh air. It helps create a lifelong healthy lifestyle habit Even if it rains outside, all your child needs is a golf umbrella and they’re set to play in the rain! They’ll enjoy it! Being out with friends or family and playing golf is so much fun! Learning a new skill that’s fun and rewarding always gets kids going so don’t wait, find a club and sign yourself and your kid up!