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How to Survive the Last Weeks of Winter?

The last weeks of winter can be hard for a lot of people. It seems that winter drags on forever from the time it starts in December until February and March. Even though the days are getting longer and we do get few sunny days, the majority of the time it’s rainy and cold. Our bodies don’t deal well with this weather, low vitamin D makes us feel depressed and our immune system lowers its defences in cold temperatures. It’s not uncommon that people feel the most lonely and hopeless at the end of winter months. Apparently there’s even an increase in relationships breaking up this time of the year. What can we do to survive the last weeks of winter and be ready for the spring to step in? Have a routine. Our bodies work the best knowing when they can expect sleep, food and exercise. Try to set up a routine that can be adjusted according to the weather. Warmer food on colder days, outdoor time when the sun is out. Try walking more and get a compact umbrella to carry with you at all times. Take vitamin D and eat your veg. Having a good colourful diet will make you feel good on the inside and won't add to the winter slump. Exercising outdoors (or indoors) will make you feel alert and healthy. These last winter weeks are great to slowly start working on your fitness levels and start a new season with a spring in your step! Meet your friends. Avoid winter isolation and spending too much time on a sofa watching TV. Grab a compact umbrella and meet your friends! At a pub, near a fireplace or cooking together at home. It seems people have more time to socialise this time of the year, they just need an invite! Challenge yourself. February especially is the best month to do any types of challenges mainly because it's the shortest month of the year! But we also start feeling inspired for change aka bored with winter this time of the year. With everyone challenging themselves in January, February seems like a less pressured month. Do a vegan/ vegetarian month, digital detox or read a self improvement book. Success will make you feel great and failure won't bother you as much since there’s still time for resolutions in spring. Notice little things. Spring is here already so next time you’re walking in the rain with your compact umbrella, notice the flowers, birds singing and Easter adverts that bring in the new season. Add spring details. Buy a bunch of daffodils or a hyacinth and put it on your desk or breakfast table. Add flower details to your outfits! A floral compact umbrella such as Totes Xtra Strong Sweet Stems Brolly is a great idea or a hair accessory. Change your desktop wallpaper to a sunny, floral one - every little thing helps!
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Written by: Anna Wisniewska