Why you shouldn’t stress over rain on wedding day

Wedding is that one day when you want things to be perfect. Pressure is on as you want your guests and family to have the best time and remember the day forever. But sometimes the pressure gets stressful. Sometimes? We mean usually! As a bride you get overwhelmed with controlling every detail of the event and while some things are a matter of organisation, some are out of your control. Family arguments? Out of your control. Wedding weather? Out of your control. Easier said than done but we can help you stay focused on what matters and not worry about rain on your wedding day. Here’s how: You can’t control it. World is not going to stop on your wedding day and some things will happen no matter how much you worry about them. Prepare yourself mentally that it may rain, people may cause trouble and lower your “perfect day” expectations. Remember the goal is to enjoy the day. Excessive worrying about the weather can make you stressed and snap at people you care about or make you anxious and ruin your mood. Seeing you upset will make people who care about you upset. So chin up and focus on something else like dancing! Time flies Especially on your wedding day. One thing that most brides remember about their wedding day is that it went so fast! Even bigger reason to focus on what matters: being with people you love and getting married to the love of your life. Attitude While some brides are anxious and stressed on their big day, some practice positive attitude and embrace whatever comes at them! To practice start few months ahead and whenever you come across a difficult situation, try to see the positive in it. It sounds impossible at the beginning but soon enough becomes a habit that makes life so much easier! Reality With a positive attitude you can see that a little rain on your wedding day is actually a fantastic thing! If you are prepared and have wedding guest umbrellas, bridesmaids umbrellas and a beautiful bridal umbrella for yourself, it will give your photographer a chance to take the most wonderful wedding photos - yes, you’ve seen plenty of those on Instagram and Pinterest! Also rain drops sound will create an intimate feel to the event and remember, all everyone wants to see is a happy bride no matter the weather!