How to Stay Calm on Your Wedding Day

Weddings are stressful - wonderful but stressful. If you’re a perfectionist and need to have everything organised to match your (high) standards you need these few tricks to keep you calm and enjoying your big day. You can’t control the weather. We all know that but it doesn't stop us from checking the forecast obsessively. Make sure you’re prepared for the worst, buy wedding umbrellas - the more the better. There’s so many beautiful bridal brollies, bridesmaids umbrellas and guests ones ( see our range here) to choose from, they’re not only a necessity but also decorative pieces and look amazing in photos. So if you’ve ordered your wedding umbrellas, stop worrying! Don’t check the venue beforehand. You may be tempted to drop in and see how the preparations for your event are going but trust us, it will only make your wedding anxiety worse. You’re bound to see something not looking as planned and you do not need to have an additional stress especially when there are people at the venue who’s job is to make sure your event turns out fantastic. Bridesmaids duties. We hear it over and over again, make sure you have one person: bridesmaid or a relative who knows how to adjust and bustle your dress. It will save you from wasting time and nerves while getting ready in the morning. Time alone. Wedding day goes super fast and you want to remember what it’s really about: getting married to the love of your life. Schedule time after the ceremony just for the two of you. Sneak away to check in on each other and get excited for the reception. Stick together. Try to stay close to your new husband/ wife during the reception, it will allow both of you to have the same memories from the day and gives more chance for the photographer to catch you two together in photos. Also it’s nice for your guests to see the happy couple together - that’s what they’re there for! Remember to eat. Time flies on your wedding day, make sure you arrange for someone to save you and your groom some food to try and to fill you up. There’s so much going on on the day, it’s easy to forget to eat and starve your way through the day. Remember wedding is a celebration and food is a big part of it! These are our tips for staying calm on your wedding. Let us know if there’s any good tips we’ve missed and don’t worry, even if something unexpected happens chances are this will still be one of the best days of your life!