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Spring Summer 2019 Woman's Style Update

Every year when Spring arrives we feel rejuvenated, excited and it reflects in our outfits. Out are all the heavy boots and dark coats, and in are the light trainers and easy to wear jackets. We dig out last years pieces and check current trends for inspiration. There’s plenty of trends lists out there based on runway shows and what’s on the high street but this one is based on... matching women’s umbrellas! Neon A 90’s trend re-started recently by the Kardashians will look great when summer starts. Beach, tan and neon colours are a great and fun combination. If you’re not comfortable with going full on neon with trendy dresses and tops try accessories or a bright neon women’s umbrella such as one our our Plain Golf Umbrellas in Yellow or Shamrock Green. Tie Dye This trend comes and goes every couple of years. This time it has come back on jumpers, tops, shirts and dresses. It will be the perfect addition to your outfit for summer bbq’s on the beach. Sadly we don’t stock a tie dye ladies umbrella but a Clear Dome Umbrella will be a great match and will not overshadow the print. 90’s and 80’s Nineties are still a major trend with mom jeans, platform trainers and neon but not far behind 90’s trend is 80’s trend with it’s puffed sleeves, prairie dresses and fringe. A women’s umbrella best representing this outrageous decade is: A Classic Beige Triple Frill Pagoda Umbrella. If you want to keep it in time with 90’s minimalism a Fulton Minister Umbrella is the perfect match! Leopard Print Animal prints are going nowhere. Remember those silky leopard print skirts from last year? Good news! You can keep wearing them. Go crazy and match it with our Kensington Leopard Border Ladies Umbrella. French Inspirations French women have long been our style inspiration but with success of brands like Sezane and Rouje our high street shops will soon be catching up. Look for airy, neutral, feminine dresses and accessories. Molly Marais is a ladies umbrella brand actually inspired by French styles and our top pick is the Indigo and Cream Stripe Women’s Umbrella. Hope this short list will help you decide on what trends to add to your wardrobe. Now all you need to do is enjoy spring!