The most special umbrella shop

Vico Due Porte a Toledo 4/B, 80134, Naples, Italy. This is where Mario Talarico has his famous umbrella shop. He has been making umbrellas there for 75 years and represents the fourth generation of a family of umbrella makers. At 87 years old, he still works every day now with his nephew (also called Mario Talarico) who inherited the family owned umbrella shop. Each umbrella they make is crafted by hand and it takes as much as 5 months to create one of their unique umbrellas. Using a time consuming special process of steaming wood stick for umbrella ribs, it takes additional 6-7 hours to put the umbrella together. We can see why the famous umbrellas are so expensive! The shop also sells cheaper, imported umbrellas for everyday folk but the special handmade umbrellas they’re famous for can cost up to €20,000! The price depends on a material used. The umbrella shop has had orders from all kind of famous and important people- including two popes- but Mario Talarico isn’t one to brag. How can you get your hands on one of the famous umbrellas? Best way is to visit the umbrella shop personally and absorb the atmosphere! What’s even more special is that you can’t buy these umbrellas online, only few selected vendors around the world sell them. You can tell from reviews left online, visiting this umbrella shop is an experience. Just few mentions from Trip advisor tell you how Mario welcomes customers like family and personally advises on the best umbrella to buy. The photos provided won’t disappoint any umbrella connoisseur either! The gallery is full of wonderful umbrella handles in all kinds of shapes and canopies in classic Italian patterns. It also appears that both Marios are clearly more than happy to pose for photos! If they say opening umbrellas indoors brings bad luck, then it’s definitely not the case with Mario Talarico who continues tradition of his family owned umbrella shop and that’s a life well spent! We only wish Jollybrolly carries such a legacy one day.