busy rainy street and lots of people holding umbrellas

What We’ve Learned Selling Umbrellas

We’ve been running our little umbrella shop online for over 10 years now- how crazy is that?! To be honest, when we think about it, it’s not too dissimilar from running an umbrella stand in the highstreet and here’s why… Picture this, you’ve gone for a stroll and a browse through the shops and the heavens open up. Not ideal! Now if you’re not the kind of person to cut your shopping trip short then the sensible solution is to quickly purchase an umbrella and stat. But where do you go? In the UK there are plenty of department stores that stock a range of, let’s be honest, pretty high end umbrellas. You are looking at a starting price of £20 if you’re lucky. So while you might start there, that’s not the kind of money most people are happy to fork out on a spur of the moment, necessity driven purchase. What’s far more likely to happen is you dart under the Greggs overhang until you spot a shop just up the high street that has whacked out a basket of umbrellas that at £5 each are vanishing into thin air. The point is, that shop owner knew that even after a week of crazy heatwave, when it comes down to it, we live in the UK and it’s bound to rain. So she bought in umbrellas in anticipation and was ready to position her product in the right place at the right time. All we’ve done with our little online umbrella shop is the same. We’ve got those designer umbrellas for the department store shoppers. But more importantly we are convenient. We’ve got budget umbrellas, in the right place at the right time. And almost all are available with next day delivery so if the weather is looking bleak our online umbrella shop is the place to visit!