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How to Save on Umbrella Printing?

Owning a business became much more stressful in lockdown and the owners are looking at every way to save money. We all know that branded merchandise is a great way to advertise your business. If you want to promote your company with branded umbrellas but keep it at a budget level, we have few tips for you:

Choose standard canopy colours

Some of our umbrellas such as Branded Jollybrolly come in selection of 15 canopy colours and some, like the Branded Bedford are available in 30 (!) stock colours. Using stock colours is cheaper and it speeds up the printing process. It is worth asking the customer service what is the cheapest/ quickest branded umbrella style to turn around.

Keep your logo minimal

Even if your logo has many colours, consider using just one. If possible, have only outlines of your logo printed. Using many colours adds to the cost. The branded umbrellas quote is calculated based on how many colours are in your logo as well as if the logo is shaded or has many small details. Most of the time the logo will be re-worked digitally to match printers requirements. Having a simple logo means designers have less work to do therefore they charge you less. You can even pre-make the logo yourself, it's usually required by the printers to have the logo as a vector (.ai file)

Keep your logo on one or two umbrella panels

Having your logo on all the umbrella panels does not increase its visibility. Having a good logo printed on a few panels gives a much better effect and it saves you money. Same as with the colours in the logo, the branded umbrellas order quote is based on how many panels are printed.

Think about what’s really important for you and invest in it

Maybe you want strong personalised umbrellas that your clients can use over and over again or maybe you want loads of small cheap printed umbrellas that you can hand out to a lot of people or hang over your street - umbrella sky project style. Maybe having a wooden handle is really important for you. Set your priorities and focus on where you can spend and where you can save your money for a printed umbrella that you can be proud to put your logo on. Of course we as an umbrellas selling company want everyone to buy the most quality, expensive printed umbrellas but we also understand that there’s a time to splurge and there’s a time to be clever with your money. UK is going through some hard times now so if you are in a position where your company benefited from the many lockdowns - share your money and provide a business for smaller local companies that have not been so lucky.
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