a woman with an umbrella and coat

Rainy Winter 2020 Women's Fashion Trends

Aren’t we all tired of winter gloom by now? It rains almost every day, we rarely see the sun and we long for the start of spring. Yet there is still some time to go before we can pack our winter wardrobe away so why not embrace winter? Have fun with the cold and rain proof attire! Find out what winter women's trends rule this season and buy the pieces you’re missing. Raincoats. This usually not stylish women's outerwear popped out in high street shops at the beginning of the autumn season. Traditional yellow PVC ones, trench coats and latest trend animal print raincoats inspired by designer brand Gianni. Suddenly raincoats are trendy! Layer with knitwear for added warmth. Chunky boots. Winter is no time for delicate shoes! If you want to be comfortable and warm, women's fashion is on your side this year. Combat boots are in every high street window display. Simply paired with jeans or a dress can look edgy as well as break down overly girly outfits. Ladies umbrella. This is an essential in winter months. Since UK can get windy as well as rainy, it's worth investing in a storm proof ladies umbrella. Its usually a tough combination to find - strong, great design and compact but Totes umbrellas have done it! Their Xtra Strong ladies umbrellas are small but tunnel tested to withstand strong winds. The designs are great too, stripes and floral motives. If you still would rather buy a regular compact ladies umbrella, the Flat Floral Compact Ladies Umbrella is lovely and a Supermini Cloud Ladies Umbrella will look great with a casual outfit. Big scarves. They’re ladies best friend in winter! Wrap up with a blanket style scarf and if it's very cold you can even use it as a head cover. High street usually has a great selection of scarves but trust us, the bigger the better! Tips and tricks: Stick to darker colours if you want to minimise the effect of being splashed with mud by passing cars. Carry a big handbag. This way you can pack it with “just in case” items such as a ladies umbrella, a hat and gloves for those extra cold days. Get some microfiber cloths. Not stylish at all but will come in handy when you need to dry yourself fast. Buy essentials. Spring is around the corner so don't get seduced by winter trends. Very soon Spring collections will start appearing in shops and you’re going to want to invest in those items. Buy what’s needed such as a good ladies umbrella!