More Than Just an Umbrella: Rainy Day Outfits

It’s tempting as soon as you hear the first drops of a storm to write the day off- don your pyjamas, make yourself an indulgent hot drink and fully commit to a rainy Netflix day. Believe me, we are so on board with that plan of action but unfortunately written off rainy days can only last so long. There comes a time when you have to face the real world and when that time comes- ladies we’ve got you covered for some rainy day outfit ideas. First of all you want to stock up on your rainy day wardrobe essentials... Hat: For days when there’s just a slight drizzle, rather than full on rain, find a hat that suits you and use this to dress up most simple outfits. Trench: A classic trench coat is ideal for throwing over any outfit as it goes extremely well with both trousers and skirts and dresses alike. We’d opt for a classic camel or black… or if the majority of your wardrobe is monochrome why not opt for a statement pop of colour? Umbrella: These days ladies umbrellas are more than just funcional. Opt for a pop of colour to brighten up your outfit on a rainy day. Or invest in a transparent ladies umbrella so you never have to hide your carefully styled look even on the gloomiest of days! Boots: Every wardrobe, especially in the UK, will benefit from some waterproof boots. Wellies are pretty stylish these days, but it doesn’t always have to me these. Just make sure you’ve got a sturdy and treated pair of boots that will keep your feet warm and dry whilst navigating those puddles on the way to work! Bag: This may seem less obvious, but what’s most likely to slip out from under your umbrella canopy? Most likely your handbag. Investing in something waterproof (which is actually much easier than it sounds) will ensure that any electronics or paper stay nice and dry throughout your commute. Rain Coat: Some days, an umbrella, no matter how stylish, just isn’t practical. If your days plans are particularly active or its unseasonably windy it may be good to have a spare raincoat to hand. Make sure it has a hood! Now that you’ve got your essentials try some trusty combos: Dress + Trench + Boots + Waterproof Handbag Shorts + Boots + Ladies Umbrella Jumpsuit + RainCoat + Ladies Umbrella Jeans + Jumper + Umbrella + Boots Leggins + Leather Jacket + Hat + Waterproof Bag