a child jumping in a puddle

Rainy Day Activities for Energetic Kids

Don’t you love staying in when it rains outside? It’s lovely to cosy up indoors with blankets, snacks and good TV. Sounds like a great time if you’re a grown up but if you’re an energetic child you may want to go out and let out your energy in the rain. As long as your child has a kids umbrella or a raincoat on and a pair of boots, there should not be a reason to not let them play outside. Here’s some ideas of activities highly energetic children might enjoy playing in the rain. Puddles - let your kids find the best local puddles and jump into them! After a few walks they will discover where the best ones are and you can even get them to draw up a map. Bring their collection of little waterproof plastic toys and let them explore the puddles, mud and leaf piles. Make sure you (or the kids) wash the toys after the play in warm, soapy water. Mud - let your kids create a makeshift kitchen outdoors with aluminium pie plates and other plastic containers. Then use mud, dirt, leaves to create pies and mud-balls. Make sure they don’t eat the dirt though! Boats - have a little craft session with the kids and make little boats from paper or old magazines. Get their kids umbrellas, take them into the park and float them in puddles or other shallow moving water trickles. Create a competition for who’s boat if the fastest or add leaves and twigs to be carried from one point to another. Music - collect household items that create sound and take them out in the rain. Get your kids to listen and get creative with sounds the rain makes. This may turn into a little rain concert so be open to the kids using the items in all kinds of ways - filling them up with water and using other tools to make music. Colours - get your kids to take their kids umbrellas, colourful chalk and go wild with colour! Chalk intensifies in a wet environment so you can expect brighter coloured rainbows. If you’re up for cleaning up, get your kids to go out in the rain with washable or bathtub paint. Watch them as they end up covered in colours from head to toes! Rainy weather should not stop your kids from going out and burning off their energy. The only thing to make sure is that they have their rain gear on, a kids umbrella in hand and there’s no lighting outside! Shop our Bugzz and Kidorable kids umbrellas here: https://www.jollybrolly.co.uk/kids-umbrellas.html