How to enjoy a rainy city break

You saved up, you dreamed about it and finally the time for your city break has come. And even though sightseeing in the rain has its charm, we all wish for lovely bright skies, warm beaches, ice cream cones and something close to paradise - in reality it’s not always so. If you’re unlucky and it does rain on your city break you simply can’t waste a day in your hotel room! There’s so much to explore and with few tips you can still have the time of your life.
Get an automatic umbrella
Even if you haven’t packed it with you there’s always a shop close by where you can buy an automatic umbrella. It’s quite possible that if it rains one day, you may need the umbrella next day as well. Buy it just in case. The best thing about an automatic umbrella is that you can open it with a touch of a button and that comes in handy when your hands are full of newly purchased souvenirs. If you like to be prepared, visit our shop ahead of time and buy automatic umbrella online: Jollybrolly Umbrellas
Visit a museum
Museums are the first thing that comes to everyone's mind as soon as they see rain. Plan few different options and be flexible with when you visit them. You can literally spend hours at most museums and a lot of them have an area where you can seat and have lunch. It will give you time to wait out the rain and not miss out on anything.
Take a bus tour
Best thing about bus tours is that they will take you to places you would maybe not plan to visit.They usually go out of town and yes, you may have to still have to take your automatic umbrella and face the rain but at least you won’t be walking aimlessly and get all wet.
Go shopping
Most cities will have a shopping mall or galerie - must see Lafayette in Paris. You will still need an automatic umbrella on the way there but once you’re inside you can enjoy retail therapy and visit all the shops not available in your country.
Workshops and courses
If you’re not a fan of museums or shopping, you can research workshops available in the city. Cooking or baking classes are a great idea to learn local cuisine. Wine or beer tasting is also very popular in countries famous for its alcohol.
Art shows and concerts
What’s better than discovering countries culture through art! See if there’s any shows running in your area and who knows maybe your favourite band is on tour and you can have a time of your life rain or no rain!