Rain and Umbrellas on The Crown

With the release of season 4 of the Netflix drama “The Crown” , the popularity of British Royal family is once again at its peak. They lead their lives in public and we all know the timeline of events featured in the show yet once again Netflix created an amazing show that’s impossible not to watch it. After kind of slow season 3, this season gives us more drama than ever. Also more rain than ever! Have you noticed how many scenes feature rain and umbrellas? You wouldn't of course, no normal person would but we are cheap umbrellas suppliers after all so we have! We also hoped to see few of our own low cost umbrellas in the show. We have noticed a few repeating styles that are not in our offer but look similar enough to make us take a second glance just to make sure. An award for the rainiest episode goes to episode 6 when Charles and Diana tour Australia. The episode is a mix of sunny days when they are a happy family and sad rainy events. The rainy scenes feature a selection of black wood stick umbrellas but two styles are used more than others: a thick wooden handle one and a cane-like handle umbrella held by Charles at the airport. This episode also has the most dramatic umbrella scene when Charles and Diana drive off opposite ways after their trip is over. See this episode inspired affordable umbrella versions below: The last episode of the season (10) features Diana and Charles visiting William at his school to see him playing in a rugby game and its raining again - its UK after all! Game watchers hold a selection of brollies all large golf umbrellas mostly dark coloured but there are some with alternating panels: red & white, rainbow… See similar cheap umbrellas below: Episode 1 and the scene right before Margaret Thatcher meets the Queen for the first time (11:30), features various brollies that reminisce Jollybrollies? It's hard to tell their style since it's an aerial view but if anyone was going to recognise our Plain Jollybrolly umbrellas (and a couple of Plain Golf Umbrellas) it would be us! See below for this scene inspired smaller cheap umbrellas. You may think we’re mad in assuming that our low cost umbrellas are featured in the show but actually we were so excited for the release of the season 4 because we were one of umbrella suppliers for The Crown! The show is brilliant and we’re so very proud to have a teeny tiny part in it. If you’re a fan like we are, shop The Crown inspired affordable umbrellas now on our website: Some of our other umbrella-related articles: Xmas Gift Guide 2020: Men and Women's Umbrellas How to Shop in Black Friday Umbrella Sale?
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