Shops provide queuing customers with umbrellas

As the lockdown eases up, we find ourselves following rules we never imagined just a few months ago. Constant hand sanitising, not being able to hug your friends and queuing to enter a shop, to name a few. For some, shopping used to be a free time, relaxing activity. Now it seems like a mission just to get into the shop and pick up the essential goods. On the other hand, the economy plummeted so much, we might feel like if we’re in a position where we can help - we should. If you’re in a secure financial position ( lucky you! ) consider visiting your favourite shops and helping businesses out. So many much loved British shops are struggling right now! Retail shops are desperately waiting for the customers and are willing to do anything to make the shopping experience as safe as possible. Our high street changed so much in recent months: sanitising stations, plastic screens at till points, floor signs reminding us to keep our distance 2 meters apart... It's understandable that some shops would actually go ahead and buy cheap umbrellas in an effort to keep the queuing customers sheltered from the rain. It's common for the summer in Britain to be rainy so the umbrellas will become very useful. It is a smart investment if you are a business owner trying to bring customers into your shop. Putting a smile on customers' faces even before they enter your store is a sure win! Don’t feel the need to spend a lot, we know every penny counts right now. You can buy bulk umbrellas from £4.09 each in our online store. As we’re (hopefully) slowly leaving the lockdown, the multiple colours of our brollies will brighten up the outside of your shop. You can even put your logo on them - see our branded umbrellas offer here. We sincerely hope for the economy to return to its original state and provide jobs for anyone struggling through these testing times. Let’s support British businesses and shop!