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How to Propose with Umbrellas?

There’s so many ways to ask your girlfriend/ boyfriend to marry you. People get creative and we always want to hear how they did it? Doesn't matter if you’re a shy or outgoing couple, there’s always a story even if it's just “it was just at home during breakfast”. There’s no good or bad way to get engaged to the love of your life. Even discussing it beforehand and going together to a shop to pick up the ring is a sign that the relationship values practicality which is sometimes a better sign for the future than big gestures. On this occasion we do want to focus on a relatively big gesture proposal. We are loving seeing people get proposed with affordable umbrellas! Red, black or colourful brollies are ideal to write “ Will you marry me?” on. Budget umbrellas are ideal to quickly open and close as well as transport into a chosen romantic location. It gets your friends and family involved and they’re there to share the moment with you.

Here are few useful tips for an umbrella proposal:

Use automatic umbrellas Use cheap umbrellas Buy in bulk to save money Bring champagne to celebrate with family and friends Practice before and make sure people know their place Use reliable people Hire a photographer or get a friend to take photos/ film Add your loved one's name for a bigger impact “Karen, will you marry me?” Viewpoint matters. A great way to surprise your boyfriend/ girlfriend is to have the umbrellas show up on a bridge with you on a boat, a street with you on a balcony looking down Use an opaque paint formulated for Polyester canopy or have the umbrellas full canopy branded If you're overwhelmed, hire a proposal planner Affordable umbrellas are a great help when proposing and they’ll work in any weather! Our Plain Jollybrolly Umbrellas are ideal for the job - they’re cheap, available in 15 colours and bulk order. You can even order them with next day delivery if you suddenly feel the urge to pop the question! We love this proposal organised by The One Romance and photographed by Couple of London. umbrellas bridge Good luck planning proposals and tag us on social media to share your happy umbrella photos!