Pro tips to know before you buy an umbrella

Buying an umbrella seems like an easy decision that we often make in a rush. Everyone follows the idea that the main purpose on an umbrella is to shield us from the rain but there’s more aspects to think about when you decide to buy umbrella.

The classic straight umbrella is the first thing that comes to our mind when we start thinking about buying an umbrella. They’re the best everyday umbrellas even though they’re not the most durable and practical of brollies, they’re perfect for a single person living in a moderate climate location. They also come in variety of lovely designs so you’re bound to find one perfect for you. If you live in a climate where the weather constantly keeps you on your toes - like UK - you may want to consider a folding umbrella. It is best to buy umbrella that will fit in your bag, briefcase or even pocket and always keep them handy in case of a unexpected rain. A folding umbrella is also a perfect travel umbrella. Traveling to rainy Seattle or UK? A folding umbrella will be your best friend! If the place you choose to live is windy as well as rainy, storm proof umbrellas are the straightforward answer to your needs. They’re fortified with newest technical inventions like blunt tips and vents that let the wind pass through umbrella without turning it inside out. By deciding to buy umbrella that’s storm proof, you’ll be entering the world of umbrella snobs and you better make yourself familiar with latest hip umbrella terms! Our advice is to compare at least few high tech umbrellas before making your final decision. One of the main features of a brolly we tend to forget when we decide to buy an umbrella is whether we need a manual or automatic opening. This pro detail is often missed but makes a big difference! Are you a person who has their hands always full or doesn't drive? Automatic opening will help you easily open the brolly with one click. No more awkward fiddling while your hands are full of groceries or coffee! Let’s not forget about golf umbrellas! Great option for a family person as the brolly usually fits 2 even 3 people under it. It’s designed with golfers in mind but it’s quite common for everyday use. The large canopy is great for protecting your family from rain but it’s also stronger than a classic straight umbrella and often features a fun logo or design. Now that you know all our pro tips you can buy a brolly that’s perfect for you! Check out our Jollybrolly selection and we guarantee you’ll buy an umbrella online that will serve you for years to come.