a man holding a printed umbrella

Printed Umbrellas as Promotional Give Away Items

Promotional give away as a marketing tool has always had a solid place in business promotion. Printed umbrellas are of the best items to use for this purpose. Everybody living in the UK needs an umbrella so its not only used as an advertising tool but also helps your customers stay protected from the rain. It’s the easiest way to have your brand advertised locally. A sturdy brolly will be around for longer than any billboard, branded keyring or brochure and will be seen by a much wider public. The key to using printed umbrellas in marketing is to make sure your logo and the umbrella itself are great quality and easily recognisable. Bright canopy and well printed, visible logo are crucial. As classic as they are, black canopy and white logo are not going to give you the effect you desire. It’s all about bright eye-catching colours! Having a large windproof canopy is essential too. Often people live their whole life buying cheap disposable brollies and your promotional umbrella might be the only good brolly they will use over and over again! Customers love being given a promotional umbrella especially if it’s large and sturdy. It's very common to see people carrying their favourite brands promotional umbrella in the streets or at events - even weddings. You can find plenty of photos of celebrities being shielded from the rain under an umbrella with a printed hotel logo - free advertisement! Maybe not entirely free but definitely worth spending money on. Price of printed umbrella varies depending on style and quality of print, make sure you choose the best you can afford. It's helpful that usually the price per unit will drop upon placing a larger order. It's also worth investing in a golf style umbrella, it gives you a bigger surface to print on - the canopy size ranges from 120-140cm! They’re also storm proof and durable. To sum up, for a business owner there’s no better marketing investment than a promotional umbrella. They’re useful both for individual business owners and corporate businesses. By giving away a printed umbrella you’re not only advertising to the person umbrella is given to but also to everybody who will see them carrying the umbrella. See our selection of printed umbrellas and drop us an email when you decide to place your order. It's worth it!