How to be Prepared for Golf Season?

Summer is the golfing season - most of the golf tournaments are played in summer and usually during the hottest part of the day. Playing golf requires mental focus and a lot of walking therefore it is important to be physically prepared before and look after yourself whilst on the golf course. Follow the below advice and you should be ready for summer golfing in no time! Follow a healthy eating pattern. Make sure your body fat is at a correct level as the more body fat you have the more prone to overheating you become. A diet full of balanced proteins for muscle damage repair and recovery along with balanced carbohydrate to match fuel needs is not only tasty is summer but also provides you with the necessary minerals , vitamins and healthy fat. If you’re a professional player this should be ideally consulted with a nutritionist or dietician. Remember you want to feel strong and energetic on the golf course. Since golf is usually played at midday you often skip lunch so make sure you have healthy snacks with you and a meal at least 3-4 hours before the game. Another thing to keep in mind while golfing in summer is staying hydrated. Dehydration makes you tired and causes lack of concentration, if taken too far can even cause a heat stroke. Make sure you carry a water bottle, electrolyte solutions or sport drinks and adjust drinking it according to temperature and your sweat rate. Keep your liquids in your golf bag to keep them chilled and refreshing on a hot day. Sun protection. Since golfing usually means spending a big part of your day in the sunshine, make sure you’re protected from the sun rays. A hat, a golf umbrella and definitely an SPF are a must. Even if your golf umbrella does not have an SPF built in it will at least provide you with shade when the sunshine is unbearable. Remember since not many of us follow recommended dose of SPF (1 ounce for the whole adult body ) its a good idea to get as high SPF as you can find or at least SPF 30. Last but maybe most important: maintain regular exercise and training in between seasons. It is crucial to keep being active even when you’re not playing golf. Winter and rainy autumn are harder season to play golf but they’re not impossible! As long as you have a warm golf jacket and a golf umbrella, no weather can stop you. If you only enjoy playing golf in summer, you can use the gym in the meantime. Cross training is most recommended for golf player as it helps to strengthen muscles, improve their endurance, reduce fat and minimize the risk of injury.