bride and groom under a red umbrella

How to prepare for rainy wedding?

Getting married in winter months sounds like a great budget option. Suppliers and venues offer out of season pricing and you can take advantage of holidays. What you can’t escape in winter months is rain. You may be lucky and have lovely crisp weather on your wedding day but there’s a high chance that you will need wedding umbrellas. You would be very irresponsible to not think about a rainy plan B for your wedding.

We’ve created a checklist to help you out:

Buy wedding umbrellas for transport in and out of the venue. This is a very obvious one but make sure you do your research and try not to order last minute. As good as the supplier is with last-minute delivery, there’s always a risk that your wedding umbrellas delivery will be delayed by unforeseen circumstances. Rent heaters, blankets and arrange for towels. In short - keep your guests warm and dry. If for some reason they do get soaked, you will be prepared to save the day. Sheltered area for smokers. We all have friends and family members who haven’t yet kicked the awful habit. Make their life easier by providing a parasol or tent with an ashtray. Update your menu if needed. We assume you would have already chosen warm food for a winter wedding but it might be wise to add a warm soup and warm drinks. Check if your vendors need any rainy weather adjustment. You may think that it’s their job to be prepared but we know some people need to be monitored. Visualize the day with heavy rain to avoid disappointment. Imagine ways you can improve the wedding and have fun with the rain. Get creative with your wedding outfit. Wellies and a wedding umbrella will look cute in photos. You can also add a raincoat and anything that will make you feel better on the day. Use rain in photography. Talk to your photographer about your rainy day photos ideas.There’s so much inspiration online! Photos with wedding umbrellas look beautiful. Waterproof makeup and frizz proof hairstyle. Its a good idea to include waterproof products in your makeup and choose a hairstyle that looks good in humid weather. Keep the guests updated and if needed agree on bringing their own umbrellas. If you’re not going to buy wedding umbrellas, check if your guests have any large umbrellas that they can spare. Large golf umbrellas are the best as they will shield 2-3 people under. Laugh it off. There’s nothing you can do about the rain but you should be able to stay positive. Your guests want to see you happy and with the British weather, who knows maybe the rain will pass and you’ll have a lovely, dry rest of your wedding day.