What are the rules of post lock down golf?

Golf courses were one of the firsts to re-open back in May due to the fact that they’re easily adjusted to social distancing. It was warmly welcomed by the players eager to get out to the golf course. Right away the course filled up with regulars dressed in their professional gear. The weather in those first days was beautiful and made playing golf a glorious experience. If you’re not one of the regulars and want to take on playing golf post lock down, here are the new rules/ adjustments: From 1 of June groupings of 1-4 involving golfers from different households are allowed as long as social distancing is in place. You are welcome to play with different partners each time you putt but it is implied that you should be mindful of widening your social circle for the time being. Vulnerable players are allowed on the golf course but the decision to take the risk is down to them. People who have been in contact with COVID-19 infected individuals should isolate and avoid a golf course as per general rules. There is no limit of rounds being played a week although every golf club might have their own rules. The main adjustment is that players should limit the amount of equipment they touch. Each player should only use only their own ball across the golf course. No player should be allowed to touch the flagstick and rakes used to smooth footprints in bunkers have been removed. Practice areas will remain closed until social distancing and sanitising measures can be implemented. It is up to the facility manager whether or not they hire out equipment. We recommend wiping down any hired balls or golf clubs with an alcohol based sanitising wipe. In a situation when the rain happens, we recommend bringing your own golf umbrella and sharing only with people from your own household. It is also useful to use your golf umbrella as a social distancing tool. Usually a golf umbrella measures 120cm +which is approximately the minimum of social distance suggested to avoid COVID-19. Being outdoors playing golf is definitely a recommended activity in the times of stress and lets not forget that being active strengthens our immune system.
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