How to Play Golf in the Rain?

Playing golf in the rain is hard but can be done. With the right accessories and knowledge you can still enjoy a day at the golf course. Just remember the a place can change significantly in the rain and you will need some additional equipment to shelter you from the not so ideal weather conditions:

A large golf umbrella: Pack one of those professional looking windproof golf umbrellas. It will shelter not only you and your game partner but also should be big enough to cover your golf bag in case of a downpour. Good rain gear: Waterproof jackets, pants, and headwear are a big help and with a wide selection available in shops, you can find something comfortable as well as stylish. Dry gloves: Keep them in a plastic bag to avoid getting wet. Dry towels: Your usual towel will probably get wet so it’s wise to keep an extra one and keep it in a dry place. Dry grips: To keep your wet club from slipping out of your hand make use of dry grips. Waterproof shoes: It’s hard to make sure your feet don’t get wet even with a large golf umbrella so make sure your shoes are waterproof and carry extra pair of socks-just in case. Also remember that: You have to acknowledge that on a rainy day, the greens will be slow. Hit your putts harder and remember that the ball won’t curve as much. The sand in the bunker will be firmer, so you won’t have to swing as hard to get the ball out. Stay patient and don’t let the rain to affect your game. Most importantly, remember not to play in lightning conditions. Being the highest point at the golf course and holding a metallic golf club makes you the target!