Planning for a Heatwave Wedding

If you ask a bride what’s the worst weather that can happen on her wedding day, the usual answer you’ll get is rain. Everyone wishes for a sunny day and warm temperature but what if you get too much of the good thing? What if your wedding happens during a heatwave? High temperatures and lack of shade can be as inconvenient as rain and means you might want to use your rain plan B to help your guests find comfort in the sun.

How hot is too hot?

Wedding planners find that temperature of 27C and over is when your guests start feeling uncomfortable. You obviously can’t guess the weather but if you know you’ll be having an outdoor wedding in summer, it’s a good idea to keep in mind that the weather might get very hot and have a plan for that.

The plan.

There’s a lot of factors to consider when preparing a plan B for a hot weather wedding. Think about how long your outdoor ceremony is - if it's 20 minutes then you should be fine with cold drinks and wedding umbrellas. If you buy umbrellas online in case of rain, they can also be used as shade umbrellas in case of blinding sunshine. Your plan also depends on the number of older guests in attendance, you’ll want to keep them in the shade and provide appropriate refreshments.

Cooling plan.

If the weather is hot even in the shade and inside the venue, you may need to plan additional amenities. Air conditioning is ideal but if not available, handheld fans are a cute wedding favours to look into. Some venues also offer chilled hand towels. Cool drinks are essential as much as wedding umbrellas but you can additionally hand out ice popsicles as a fun alternative especially for kids. Things like cheap sunglasses in basket and sun hats are also a fun gesture if you expect hot weather. Making sure your guests are comfortable and enjoying themselves should be the main goal at your wedding and being prepared for rain and heatwave are crucial. Easiest way to do so is to buy umbrellas online that you can use in case of rain or sunshine. See our selection of wedding umbrellas here: https://www.jollybrolly.co.uk/wedding-umbrellas.html