woman on a bed planning a wedding

How to plan your wedding in lockdown?

Planning a wedding is one of the most stressful things people go through. Yet this year some future brides have to continue planning among a world pandemic. Coronavirus turns our world upside down and things we took for granted suddenly feel so important. Planning a wedding in this situation can be harder, especially if your wedding is scheduled for this summer. But if you are just at the beginning of your planning, you can use the situation to your advantage. Here’s how: Go wild on Pinterest, then organise it. Pinterest can be a great tool for brides if used well. First Pin everything that you love no matter the colour and style. After you have a collection of images, look closely and see if anything stands out. Theme? Colour? Separate your choices into boards (you can keep them secret) and share with your wedding planner or bridesmaids. Pinterest is great for creating a vision board but remember, you don't need to re-create everything exactly. See our wedding umbrellas board here for some rainy wedding inspiration. Do your research. You can research venues, celebrants, photographers etc and see their work online. Most wedding suppliers got very good at presenting their catalogue on social media and you can contact them via email about the details. You can see our wedding umbrellas here. Create your gift registry. If you’re one of the people who stress shop, creating your gift registry in the current situation can be therapeutic. You can also have a close look at what you already have and being at home, what you wish you had! Create a wedding website or FB event. Sharing your wedding details online is very useful for your guests. You can include how you met, venue address, gift registry and especially in the current world climate, update on possible wedding day delay (fingers crossed its not going to be needed!) Plan your honeymoon. When the pandemic is finally under control, I'm sure most of us will look forward to going on holiday or visiting family in another country. Planning your honeymoon can be a mental escape we all need these days. Keeping busy and maintaining low levels of stress is essential in the current world situation so try to enjoy the process and remember that everything is temporary. Visualise your wedding and take this time to plan it to perfection! See Jollybrolly wedding umbrellas selection here: https://www.jollybrolly.co.uk/wedding-umbrellas.html
Written by: Anna Wisniewska