How to Plan a Spring Garden Wedding?

Weddings in the UK are allowed to go ahead from 12th of April however it's only for 15 people. We assume that knowing that bigger weddings are allowed from 17th of May, most couples will hold off until at least that day. Even though weddings are now permitted, there are still rules in place and social distancing remains an important factor in planning a wedding. That’s why garden weddings are more popular than ever. We’ve all stayed indoors long enough and all everyone wants to do is be outside in gardens, parks, on the beach… Garden weddings seem like the best option for a small budget friendly wedding. Because so many people had to postpone their weddings in 2020, venues are fully booked and if you’ve set your mind on getting married this year, a garden is the best option. You can really embrace the garden wedding idea, there's so many ways to decorate and use the greenery that’s already there. If you plan in advance, you can even plant additional flowers. Not everyone owns a garden but surely most of us know someone with a nice garden. Ask your parents, aunties, best friends parents… Everyone loves a wedding and as long as everything is well organised it should not cause a nuisance for the owners. Advise: hire all the help you can get: caterers, waiters, cleaners. Just because its a garden wedding doesn't mean the service should be taken care of by you or your relatives. Make sure you enjoy your time and no one from the wedding party has to worry about topping up the drinks or serving food. The most important factor in planning a garden wedding is having a rainy day plan. Gazebos are great but you may not have a space to fit many. Wedding umbrellas are a cheap and cheerful way of securing everyone from getting rained on. You can buy a pack of wedding umbrellas and keep it on hand just in case. They also look beautiful in photos! You can get a separate frilly bridal umbrella and plain ones for the guests. See our selection here. Decorating the garden wedding is the most fun part. Have a scroll through Pinterest and you’ll discover all the inspiration. Fairy lights, candles, lanterns… boho style rugs are a good idea for a dance floor and don't forget little heel stoppers so that the ladies don't sink into the grass. We are so happy that the wedding industry can finally return to work and the wedding season can begin. Stay safe and enjoy spring weddings!
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