How to plan a post lockdown wedding ?

Planning a wedding is always stressful but this year it seems that all the bridal nightmares all came true with the pandemic and wedding season being practically cancelled. People are still getting married but it’s definitely not as joyous and grand as we are used to. I can imagine going ahead with the wedding this summer feels quite nerve wracking and filled with doubt. It seems that the pandemic wedding rules ( read about them here) make it impossible to have fun at a wedding. The best idea could be to either move your wedding to the next summer ( who knows what will happen next year if things continue like they do ) or completely rethink your wedding idea. We recommend the latter. Have an intimate wedding with your closest family in a garden! Here’s how to plan it: Choose the garden. It can be yours, your parents or other relatives that are lucky to have a beautiful outdoors space. Keep in mind the space you will need for dancing and eating. Choose a wedding ceremony area that you love and will look good in photos. Organise the area: tables, chairs and most importantly an outdoor toilet. Consider putting down some kind of flooring for the dancing area (if its grass) - ladies with high heels will appreciate this! Make sure there’s a parking nearby for the guests cars or make a note of the best taxi service everyone can use after the party. Keep it simple and cosy. You can keep a sitting down meal but it usually involves someone helping out distributing the plates and as we know, keeping the gathering as small as possible is crucial. Why not help the catering business by ordering a lovely restaurant delivery? You can go very fancy and order from your favourite! With the upcoming government discount, you can even save money on this! Weather. Of course the main risk with a summer outdoors wedding is the weather. Plan ahead with tents and wedding umbrellas. Since the weddings are meant to be kept small, a pack of wedding umbrellas will be ideal. Match your dress or keep it colourful! The dress. If you dream about a princess wedding, this garden option might not be for you but if you’re willing to keep things casual, you will have a never ending choice of high street wedding dresses currently on sale. Boho styles with Converse trainers will suit the occasion perfectly! Oh, and a flower crown! Kids will love it! If you are having kids at your wedding, a garden is the best option since most likely they would want to stay outside during summer anyway. It is hard to exclude some of your friends and family from your wedding but in the digital age we live in, you can easily have them celebrate with you. Tablets and laptops are essential and of course a good wi-fi. If you want to splash out, you can even send the “online guests” food hampers with champagne and treats to make them feel as if they were with you. Wedding music playlist can be shared and people can interact with each other. We’ve done it throughout the lockdown so it can be done! Remember, a wedding is about marrying your partner and celebrating with your family and friends. All the additional wow factors such as decorations and fancy venues won't matter once you’re happy enjoying your wedding with your loved ones. It's the attitude not material things that make us happy.
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