How to Plan an Event in Britain?

No matter if you’re a professional event organiser or you committed yourself to organising a one off event such as a baby shower or a birthday, you will come across an unexpected planning situation. You know it will happen as this is the nature of the job and what makes it exciting but how exactly should you deal with it in a moment? Here’s our quick guide to handling events disasters. It’s raining at your outdoor event. This must be the most common problem for people in Britain. You prepared a lovely event outdoors and out of nowhere it starts raining! Never forget to plan for bad weather, buy affordable umbrellas just in case and have them ready. Affordable umbrellas can cost as little as £3.49 each and can be ordered last minute at our website so there’s really no reason not to be prepared. Gazebos and ponchos are also a great idea depending on the nature of your event. Too many people show up. This is better that no one showing up but can become stressful when people are queuing and you don’t have enough food or drink. To avoid this, monitor your guest list and sign ups - this should give you enough time to change the venue before the event. If the crowd appears on the day set up a waitlist or let the guest know to bring their own drinks or snacks. No one shows up. This is an organisers worst nightmare! All the work and no one to entertain. To avoid it make sure you do sufficient marketing/ let everyone know about your event and monitor your tickets/ rsvps. If you see that the event is not very popular, add a last minute promotion or surprise for the guests. The main person doesn’t show up. Your event is scheduled and everything is ready, then the main person (the VIP speaker or future mother) doesn’t show up. Sounds like a nightmare? It doesn’t have to be. Sure some people will drop out (make sure you have a return policy) but you can still turn the event around and make it about someone (new speaker) or something else ( girly catch up with friends ) There’s a local transport disruption. Traffic caused by accident, storm or train delays - things happen and you can’t do much about them. If most of your guests are unable to attend all you can do is re-schedule the event. If the distribution is not as serious you can send updates to your guests and let them know best way to get to the location. Organising an event is fun and rewarding but you must also be prepared for unexpected situation. Being aware what can go wrong and having a plan B is half of the success. If you’re worried about rain on your event day visit our website and discover our Jollybrolly Affordable Umbrella Packs