How to Plan an Outdoor Event in Summer

It’s summer and planning an outdoor event is tempting to say the least. In some situations expected! We all love a BBQ focused event and a beer garden party as well as food and music festivals, which are a cultural staples here in the UK. But what are the steps you should take to ensure your outdoor event is successful and not stopped in its tracks by the uncertain British weather? The location. You want your venue to tick all the essential boxes like capacity and access to local amenities. You also need to apply for all the necessary permits and make sure you don’t bother anyone with loud music and entertainment. Secondly, make sure if your event is outdoors activities focused that you have few entertainment options planned in case of rain. Buying bulk umbrellas to shelter attendees in case of rain is an excellent idea. Provide weather suitable amenities. Its a nice touch to provide the attendees with blankets when its cold, bulk umbrellas when its raining and suntan lotion when its sunny - any weather will require a different approach but shade/ shelter and sanitation are crucial. Food and drink. It’s a good idea to have the caterers adjust their options according to the weather. Cold drinks in heat and warm soup in the cold are a no brainer. Also if it suddenly starts to rain, food and drink are a great way to occupy the attendees and keep them in good spirits. Keep your team informed. Let everyone know your plan B so all of you can react quickly when a sudden weather change takes place. Tell your team where they can find bulk umbrellas and what’s the appropriate time to hand them out. Keep up with the weather. Even if it’s summer and no one thinks about blankets and bulk umbrella order, make sure you do pay attention to the weather forecast. British weather changes fast and the last thing you want to do is placing an urgent bulk umbrellas order ( which happens often - trust us). It’s stressful and sometimes expensive if left at the very last minute. Bad weather happens and it doesn’t have to mean event cancellation. As long as you’re prepared and have a plan B in mind the attendees will still have fun and make your event unforgettable. To avoid a last minute rush, decide now on your bulk umbrellas options: https://www.jollybrolly.co.uk/bulk-orders.html