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New Guidelines for Weddings in the UK

After months of lockdown, finally we can take small steps back into normal life. Of course according to the new government guidelines, weddings celebrations are still very much affected. The official guidelines permit gatherings of up to 30 people and this includes suppliers, the photographer and the officiant. Guests still have to maintain social distancing rules of 2 meters, if that’s not possible, at least 1 meter plus. It's also crucial that the venue has upgraded safety guidelines in place. If you do wish to get married this summer, you have to follow a number of other rules including no singing, playing blown instruments or speaking with a raised voice. Other rules include: It is advised that the ceremonies and services should be concluded in the shortest reasonable time. The floor should be marked with tape or paint to assist people with social distancingNo food or drink should be consumed as a part of the event. Where the exchanging of rings is required or desired for the solemnisation of the marriage or the formation of the civil partnership, hands should be washed before and after. The rings should be handled by as few people as possible. Avoiding face-to-face seating, reducing the number of guests in an enclosed space, improving ventilation, using protective screen and face coverings, and restricting access to non-essential areas is also a part of new rules. See the official government advice here. It seems that a big number of couples who were about to get married this summer, have postponed their weddings either to next year or later in the summer months. You can re-think your wedding plan and make it a more intimate event or wait and see what happens in the world. This is such an unprecedented time and having flexibility and patience is absolutely key. If you have postponed your wedding, we are here to provide you with wedding umbrellas in case of rain. We stocked up on a wonderful selection of new wedding styles just waiting for the wedding season to restart! See them all here: wedding umbrellas.